“Recently purchased the Super Duty Modular (4 – 6×10 panels) for a dock system on Georgian Bay. Kevin in sales along with Dan were extremely helpful in advising on the most appropriate configuration for the shoreline situation – we worked on several options. Georgian Bay can produce some unforgiving storms and rough water. Appreciated all the assistance received when picking up the dock, from loading it on the trailer to explaining the various pieces and ensuring the order was complete. We assembled the dock on land ourselves…..very impressed with the design, sturdiness and ease of assembly. Did make a few calls to their technical support line and they were very helpful and patient with the inquiries. Love the fact that you can expand easily or change the configuration down the road. Appreciated the many tips Dan provided on proper assembly and winter storage, as well as assembly tricks to make the parts slide into place easier. The dock has been in the water for almost a month now, and so far, so good…. Very pleased with its performance in the rougher waters. The deck weave surface is really nice to walk on, and easy on dog’s paws too. Great purchase.”


“I have to say their customer service is amazing. Our dock is over 8 yrs old. We just bought this house and need parts that were missing. Myles was great support and we got everything we needed and he went well out of his way. The dock is perfect and so safe. Thanks again.”

Brian Cole

“Hey Rita, thought I’d drop a line and thank you guys for the great service, and an awesome dock. It’s very sturdy and strong and putting it in and taking it out was a breeze. I’ve pulled it out for the year but look forward to many years with it. I will highly recommend your docks if people are looking for a great quality dock. Thanks again, Craig”