Made from Marine Grade Aluminum, the Vertical Side Lift offers the perfect size of aluminum winch wheel for easy lifting or a electric option for one handed switch operation. The Dock Plate is fully adjustable for your desired wheel height and the Nylatron rollers used on the cradles provide a smooth, clean and trouble free operation with no lubrication required.

Six foot or seven foot angled bunk options. Equipped with stainless steel hardware and cables. Covered brake-type winch with hardened gears for additional safety and convenience. Friction brake automatically applies constant positive holding action to the watercraft when being lowered.


1100lb Maximum Capacity

  • VSL1100 Manual Winch 60″ Lift
  • VSL1100 Manual Winch 72″ Lift
  • VSL1100 AC Electric Winch 60″ Lift
  • VSL1100 AC Electric Winch 72″ Lift

1500lb Maximum Capacity

  • VSL1500 AC Electric Winch 60″ Lift
  • VSL1500 AC Electric Winch 72″ Lift


  • Lift capacity 1,100lbs and 1,500lbs models
  • Lifting height: 5′, 6′, Custom heights available
  • Cradle arm length: 41″ to 52″
  • Weight: 180lbs – 250lbs
  • Minimum water depth required: 14″