Our Technology

99% of our products are made right here in Canada or North America.

Through the years and well over 10,000 docks made we have, patented, researched, and tested our docks in gruelling conditions. We have analyzed our competitors product and are quite confident you will not find a dock system as stable, or as technically advanced. We have gone over every possible design improvement, welding technologies, joint type and alloy properties in our extrusions and filler weld alloy we use.

We are the only dock manufacturer utilizing (CMT) welding processes in North America. In 2022 we should see almost all our frames being robotically welded, a transition we have been working on now for a few years.

All our frames (every piece) all feature multi chambered extrusions adding additional strength with excellent torsional twist resistance while making the frames light with extremely low deflection (see video of car driving on dock ). We have standardized on a proprietary stainless fastening system not used by any other manufacturer which makes our systems simple to assemble only requiring one 9/16’’ wrench.

To our knowledge we produce the largest single sized piece of high tech fiber reinforced structural foam composite decking in a panel size 2ft by 6ft.

Some of our customers are government ministries, commercial applications marinas and of course residential use.
The working life of the DeckWave® Decking decking product is expected to be 30 plus years.

At our showroom in Innisfil, we have had 15 or more docks outside in our test/demonstration pond with no maintenance now for over 12 years, and they all look like the day they were put in.

DockinaBox® docks are designed with the needs of the modern cottager in mind:

  • Aesthetically attractive design
  • Structural strength and integrity
  • Manageable and lightweight
  • Modular with limitless configurations
  • Stable, safe and comfortable
  • Virtually no maintenance

DockinaBox® patented products are designed and manufactured with precision and craftsmanship using technology unlike any other dock companies:

  • CMT and Robotic welding technology for the strongest, most reliable and consistent welds in the industry
  • Patented, multi-chambered, aluminum extrusions providing the highest strength to weight ratio and torsional rigidity – our exclusive design
  • Exclusive DeckWave® composite decking panels that have proven to outperform all other decking products and to our knowledge are the largest panels on the planet. Our exclusive design
  • CAD-CAM technology utilized in manufacturing.
Severe Weight Testing
Advanced CMT Welding Technology
70’ Long Dual Shuttle
Harsh Conditions