We here at DockinaBox® have made an environmental pledge to be eco-responsible with the products that we offer. From our aluminum frames to the use of stainless steel to our DeckWave® composite decking and now our new, environmentally friendly Eco Floats.

We have pledged to commit ourselves to be the leader in our industry with sustainable technology with all our products.

DockinaBox® builds its frames from aluminum and uses stainless steel wherever possible. This ensures our docks are built to last, making them strong, eco-friendly and completely recyclable.  Our manufacturing facility, management and employees strive to have zero waste by maximizing the metal we use.

Another major contributor to the DockinaBox® environmental pledge comes from our DeckWave® composite decking. The life expectancy of DeckWave® decking will not only outlast traditional wood decking options but is recyclable and eco-friendly. It’s design not only keeps cool on hot summer days and designed for low to no maintenance with zero chemical upkeep. The environmental benefits will bring natural life to your shoreline helping to ensure that generations will get to enjoy it.

Our latest commitment to the environmental pledge comes in the form of our newest product – DockinaBox® Eco Floats. Our unique technology has allowed this float design to last generations while maintaining the integrity of our superior product commitment. Further, our manufacturing process and materials reduce the carbon footprint of a traditional float which usually have to be changed in 8 to 12 yrs due to the internal Styrofoam getting waterlogged. This is an industry known issue not conveyed to the customer, nor do the float manufacturers want to address this.

As the water is absorbed, the float loses its buoyancy and the dock may start to sink at either a corner or the entire dock. The time and energy to replace a float or two over the years becomes a hassle not to mention the environmental issues with disposal.

Our DockinaBox® unparalleled technology incorporates the use of eco-friendly polyethylene foam in our float production allowing DockinaBox® to provide an unheard-of generational warranty with each float we sell.

DockinaBox® has and will continue to commit to making conscientious choices and adopting new sustainable technology when developing new products and maintaining our current manufacturing processes ensuring we stay true to our Environmental Pledge.