Introducing our Generation Warranty DockinaBox® ECO Floats

DockinaBox® 100% recyclable ECO Floats are here!  With a thicker wall than other floats on the market, our floats are manufactured exclusively with non-recycled polyethylene which can be recycle at end of life.

While other dock floats only last an average ten years, we’re so confident in our new technology and ECO Float that we’re offering a GENERATION LONG warranty.

Features Include:

  • Atmospherically vented to maintain equalized air pressure inside and out
  • Highly engineered bottom profile to eliminate ice crushing
  • 100% recyclable at the end of it’s life
  • Thicker skin and float wall than any other on the market
  • Exclusive bottom edge profile to allow ice to push float up on top of the ice this is the ice lift zone (Note: traditional floats have square corners and run the risk of being crushed by the ice especially if the float sits deep.)
ECO Floats

Our Floating Docks now feature our ECO Float Series Floats

Since Styrofoam is banned in many regions and is not recyclable we are moving away from this process. We are now utilizing a special process that allows us to produce an extremely dense stiff closed cell polyethylene wall up to an inch thick. We have invested millions in one of the largest roto molding machines in Canada to produce these ECO Floats.

Since we are producing them ourselves we have been able to make them with a thicker outer wall, much stronger and with higher impact resistance than any of our competitors. With our technology this means that waterlogged floats is now a thing of the past. To reduce natural condensation which can occur, we have installed a military level atmospherically equalizing venting device to avoid pressurization inside.

We are proud to go to this new technology as we are always trying to be more environmentally responsible as a manufacturer. All our products are either made from recycled material or can be recycled. Long standing now we have not used anything organic that can rot in our product for over 20 years. We have also transitioned into 100 % stainless in our hinges, avoiding zinc or galvanizing. We like to think of our product the longest lasting with the best resale, if it ever does get sold.

3' x 4' x 12" H610 lbs.
4' x 4' x 12" H830 lbs.
3' x 6' x 12" H920 lbs.