Transport Canada | Marine Safety

Any work or structure that might interfere with the public right-of-way of navigation may require approval from Transport Canada under the Navigable Waters Protection Act (for example a very long dock extending to the middle of Lake Simcoe could impact boating activities). Lower Tier Municipalities may require you to get a permit for any site alterations. Contact your local municipality to determine if permits are required.

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Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR)

Works occurring on shore lands may require a permit under the Public Lands Act. Shore lands are lands covered or seasonally inundated with water of a lake, river, stream or pond during the past 12 months and include both private and publicly owned lands. This area changes as the annual water level rises and falls. This area also includes the bed of the lake. A Work Permit may be required for works occurring in this area. Additionally, changing the water flow on your property (that is diverting or increasing the flow, holding back water, or working on a dam) may require MNR approval under the Lakes and Rivers Improvement Act.

MNR – Midhurst District Office
2284 Nursery Road
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MNR – Aurora District Office
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Phone: 905-713-7400
Fax: 95-713-7361


Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO)

If your project has the potential to impact fish habitat, you may require review or approval to proceed under the federal Fisheries Act.. DFO determines fish habitat according to a percentile elevation of the ordinary high water mark (219.15 masl on Lake Simcoe). Any impacts to the area considered fish habitat may require an authorization from DFO.

DFO – Burlington Office
304-3027 Harvester Road
Burlington, Ontario
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Phone: 905-639-1835
Fax: 905-639-3549