The HyRoller Boat Lifts® is able to move from 7” resting to 94” at full height. The HyRoller Boat Lifts® has an incredible range, greater then any other lifts on the market. The HyRoller Boat Lifts® will lift your boat up and out of the way of the waves that can damage your boat.

The typical ‘H beam’ lifts have their bunk design based on two non adjust- able structural beams connecting the two or more vertical members. The UltraBunk is affixed to these beams to act as the bunk. The HyRoller Boat Lifts® has a complete cradle system that contacts the hull with up to six adjustable bunks (528 sq. inches of surface contact). This allows a large amount of adjustability along the bottom of the hull and bunk to cushion the load minimizing pressure at any point.

Advanced Features:

  • Unique cradle design allows limitless adjustability to minimize pressure at any point.
  • One of the widest stances and feature up to twice the number of foot pads.
  • Unique patent pending HySeal Containment System TM isolates the hydraulic rods and seals from contaminants.
  • Built with a minimum of 5/8 inch structural plates, up to massive one inch plates.
  • Lower installation costs and year to year costs due to our hybernation mode and floatation kit.


Hydraulic Boat Lifts
Hydraulic boat lifts available from 1,750 lb to 12,000 lb capacity, lifting from 48”-60” from cradle base. Quieter, faster, less visible design features.

Our long lasting aluminum vinyl UltraBunk® can be adjusted up or down, from bow to stern and toed in or out to better fit your vessels hull.

Safely guide your boat into your lift with our aluminum & vinyl UltraGuideIns®. Also acts as an additional walkway to board or put on your boats cover.

Vertical Boat Lifts
Vertical Lifts have an open structural design that allows easy access to your boat from both sides of the lift while the boat is in the water.