“We visited Dock-in-a-Box last fall (2019) when Don and the team helped us select the components for our cottage location, delivery was agreed for this spring (2020) and despite Covid-19 it was all ready when we were. The installation proved very straightforward with 5 fixed sections, plus a corner, and 2 floating ones. The quality of the fabrications and components is exceptional and we had no problems installing it. We opted for the powder coating, a significant extra cost, but it certainly looks great now that it is out there. The family are all raving about the 5-step swim ladder which is absolutely a great design. We looked at several possible systems and suppliers for a dock to replace our old broken wooden one and are very pleased that we went with Dock-in-a-Box and happy to recommend them.

Herb & Yvonne Wilson

“DockinaBox has been a Canadian business success story for decades now. There is a reason for that. Their product and the service of Dan and Rita are excellent.

I stand by my original 1 star rating for poor email communication. But they had “technical difficulties”. Going forward in this digital era and especially during covid, this must be improved.

That said, I visited Dock in a Box and found Dan’s integrity, pride in product, willingness to explain and the knowledge that he has to be exemplary. I made my purchase at Dock in a Box. They deserve a 5 star rating.

Don’t buy a dock or any accessory without first checking out Dock in a Box…. though perhaps best by phone or better yet, drop in.”

Jim Ashley

“We live on Georgian Bay and purchased a Dock in the Box system on recommendation from our neighbours. It is of very high quality and withstands the ocean like waves of Georgian Bay with ease. Our family spends many hours enjoying our very large dock system. The High quality and engineering behind the product is worth every penny. Dealing with the team at Dock in the Box has been easy and very professional. I highly recommend this company.”

John Leonardo

“We have used Dock in A Box for over 10 years and have had excellent service and quality products. Over the years we have added more pieces to become a party dock, and now have become the envy of the neighbourhood . Dan, the owner is always available to consult as he is a genius when it come the engineering of his products. Rita always tries to accommodate us and knows her products. We shopped around, and getting Dock in a Box was by far the best choice. Thanks Rita and Dan!”

Linda Ambrose

“We purchased a 4’x14′ pipe dock, Heavy Duty, for water access into Georgian Bay. One end attached to rock step at shore with shore mounting brackets, other end supported in water by the pipe legs. Also purchased the Premium STl Ladder. Haven’t done final attachment of ladder yet, but it is sturdy as a rock. They spent a long time on the phone with me discussing exactly how many steps my ladder should be as we were in the dark about a few things. Very knowledgeable.”

Suzanne McNenly

“I wanted to drop you a line to let you know how happy we have been with our new dock. You both were very helpful during the design phase which I’m sure has contributed to our happiness. We’ve been very pleased with the performance of the dock, and are amazed at how easily the set up and initial installation was. If there is one thing we could change, I would have to say we would have made it larger! Well, perhaps next year!”


“We want to express our thanks for your expertise and the extra effort and time that you put into this project. Your co-operation and understanding of our needs is really appreciated. Our dock has now completed 2 full summer seasons without any problems, in fair weather and foul, in smooth water as well as very rough water. We believe this is directly attributable to your one piece extruded hollow side frame and the structural integrity that you have designed into the product. The quality and good clean appearance have drawn many positive comments from our friends and neighbours for example. “WOW, “WHAT A CLEAN AND NEAT LOOKING DOCK, “I WISH I HAD DONE THAT!”


“I just wanted to send you guys a quick note to tell that we’re very pleased with your dock system. In fact, I call it “Lego for men” meaning I can build onto each year.”


“Thank you, again, for your outstanding dedication to customer service with regard to our DockinaBox®. We were thrilled with the product once we got it installed, and the feedback from our fellow lake residents, and those who saw the lake via the Home Tour had nothing but rave reviews tinged with jealousy at our gorgeous addition. It was even featured indirectly in our local newspaper article/photo promoting the tour. It completes our waterfront. Thanks!”


“I sincerely do appreciate all the gratuitous work done. It is a clear indication of a dedicated and honest company committed to producing the finest product on the market. As well as establishing yourself as a formidable player in the market. Your efforts certainly won’t go unnoticed and are very much appreciated. I will definitely continue recommending your company to my neighbour.”