Cross Braces

When putting your dock in deep water, you can add the telescopic cross brace for added reinforcement to eliminate movement in rough waters.

Up to 7’ Dock Height
Up to 9’ Dock Height

Shore Mounting Bracket

Connecting your dock to the shore, a breakwall or existing dock structure is made easy with our shore mounting brackets.

Mud Pads

Prevent pipe legs from sinking in muddy or silty lake bottoms where up to 6” of sinkage is possible.

Filler Strip

Filler Strip

Used to cover the locking hinges and create a seamless and safe platform when joining our floating docks together.

Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Hinges

Heavy duty floating dock stainless steel hinges are  ¼” thick laser cut stainless steel and used for floating docks and ramp section with our Heavy Duty and Super Duty Series. Includes hinge pin, clip, plate and hardware.

Heavy Duty Locking Hinge

Stainless Steel Locking Hinges

Heavy duty locking hinges connect two floating docks together and are placed between side sections of docks. A filler strip is then recommended to close the gap.