DockinaPort® is the most advanced PWC drive-on port in the industry.

Designed for both flat and the new deeper stepped bottom hulls. Our design also accommodates the new shorter models right up to the largest 1,100lb models.

A unique feature of the DockinaPort® is the ability to balance the port, side to side, or front to rear. This is a feature not found in competitive models. Our unique engineering design allows us to have a 13” boarding walkway which also adds extra buoyancy and stability while boarding.

Another exclusive feature is the interchangeability of the bow stop, which allows you to install the DockinaPort® anywhere on the dock. The advanced bow design works in conjunction with the PWC easing rolling on or off and works in combination with our exclusive dual braking mechanism.

The most advanced PWC drive on port on the market.

Our DockinaPort® Ride On System comes with a 5 year warranty.  View our warranties here.

PWC Capacity1,600 lbs.
Length150 inches
Width64 inches
Weight300 lbs.
  1. Optional braking mechanism prevents the PWC from rolling off the port during rider changes or when in storage – an industry first!

  2. Interchangeable Bow Stop allows the unit to be configured with the walkway on left or right side

  3. Large stable 13” wide walkway for convenient boarding and added buoyancy

  4. Air Vent chambers on all six quadrants of the Port raise, lower or tilt the port as required.

  5. Optional EVA foam padding adds traction using premium quality hydro turf mats

  6. Can be mounted using hinges or pole mount, to fixed or floating docks

  7. Entry bow roller

  8. Roller adjust from 31” – 33” apart for different hull designs

Innovative Low Profile Design with Walkway

Years of development have resulted in the production of the most advanced PWC drive on port in the industry.

  • The DockinaPort® is uniquely designed with a low profile
  • The right width and length for current and past size watercraft
  • Designed to handle either the smallest or the heaviest PWC
  • The one-of-a-kind low profile and industry only adjustable buoyancy chambers gives you the ability to adjust the port easily to any quadrant you wish to raise, lower or tilt in any direction from one or all of the 6 air vents
  • Add the optional Hydro Turf EVA foam walkway for comfort and safety, a first in the industry
  • Mount to the front or the side where you want with our flexible mounting systems depending on whether you have a fixed dock or floating system
  • Our large adjustable rollers are not expose, unlike other brands, and can be adjusted for different hull designs
  • Easily configured to have the walkway on the left or right side with the interchangeable bow stop and aft roller
  • An industry leader with a huge 13” wide walkway which provides a convenient boarding platform ideal for rider changes or for putting on a cover
  • Unique to DockinaBox® our optional Dual Brake Mechanism prevents your PWC from rolling off the port during rider
    changes and waves
  • Optional quick disconnect bracket makes removal in the
    Fall a breeze