For Soft Lake Beds Or Deep Water

Able to accommodate boats up to 30 feet or more and ideal for residential or light commercial use. Our Eco-Floating Series of docks features heavy duty 100% polyethylene plastic floats that feature heavier foam walls and no styrofoam inside for superior durability.

Our Floating Dock Series is used in deep water situations where pipe docks can not extend or in lake situations where the bottom is too soft and silty to support pipe dock feet, or where water variations are over two feet.

This series is fast and easy to install, and we have worked to ensure that our floating docks are so stable that the corner dips are minimized when standing at the corner of your dock.

We are now utilizing our revolutionary process that allows us to produce our new ECO Float Series Floats.

Heavy Duty Floating Dock

Heavy Duty Floating Dock

Ideal for small to medium sized bodies of water with waves up to 2 feet. Accommodates boats up to 30′. Ideal for residential use.
ECO Floats

ECO Floats

Ideal for small to medium sized bodies of water with waves up to 2 feet. Accommodates boats up to 30′. Ideal for residential use.

For commercial use, ask about our Super Duty floating series.

Floating Dock Frame

Our heavy duty foam filled floats (no styrofoam) are easy and fast to install and come with DeckWave® decking and our exclusive Locking Hinge design allowing for two dock sections to act as one, making for endless design options.

DockinaBox® floating systems are manufactured with the strongest substructure in the industry. Our superior design increases buoyancy and provides maximum stability so that corner dips are reduced. Our floats are 100% recyclable and Canadian made. With our chains and shock absorbers, your dock will be more stable than the rest.

  • Double braced frame at the hinge points to eliminate frame racking and flexing, ultimately increasing the life expectancy of the dock
  • Cathodic protection through plastic insulation when stainless steel touches aluminum
  • Multi Chambered Frame extrusions increases the load strength and rigidity of the dock for stability, comfort and safety
  • The traction safety strip used on the top edge surface of the frame ensure safe ingress and egress
  • Locking hinges enable our floating dock sections to become one rigid section thanks to our triple chambered frames
  • Advanced floating design with 30 lbs./sq.ft. of buoyancy, reducing the dock corners dipping into the water when you stand on them.  Our float design also creates and optimizes ice lifting characteristics for when the water freezes in the winter
  • All docks welded with CMT technology