The Lift ‘n Lock PWC lift with 1250 lb. capacity is exclusive to DockinaBox®. These lifts feature dual position winches, heavy wall tubing and pivot points, mechanical lock in UP position, 50″ lift, anti-theft lock location for enhanced security,  interchangeable winch post locations for ultimate convenience, fully welded frames, weighs only 250 lbs., standard 18″ legs and vinyl covered bunk with angled down entry. Various options and accessories available.


  • Assembly is easy with basic hand tools
  • Pivoting foot plates conform to the waterway’s floor for secure positioning
  • 30″ Handwheel or Handcrank and winch can be mounted on either side of lift for your convenience
  • Lift frames are constructed of durable marine grade aluminum
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel hardware and cable and polymer sheaves are standard
Specs: LL1250S LL1250
Capacity1,250 lbs.1,250 lbs.
Lift Height50"50"
Max Beam72"84"
Weight250 lbs.270 lbs.
Legs18" Std18" Std


The most advanced PWC drive on port on the market. The DockinaPort® is designed for both flat and the new deeper stepped bottom hulls.

Lift ‘n Lock PWC 1100 Cantilever Lifts
Exclusive to DockinaBox, 1100 lb capacity full 40″ lift, anti-theft locking and optional adjustable bow stop for your PWC.

Vertical Boat Lifts
Vertical Lifts have an open structural design that allows easy access to your boat from both sides of the lift while the boat is in the water.

Vertical Side Lift
PWC lift is ideal for concrete walls or solid crib docks, 1,100lbs. and 1,500lbs capacity, manual and electric versions, adjustable height.

LL Series Assembly Guide