Towerless Dock System
Towerless & Tower Dock Shown

Towerless One Piece Frame for Lengths up to 28 Ft.

The unique tower is recessed into the frame so it is hidden during the summer months.

Our Towerless system offers a unique advantage over tower docks as a simple cable attached to a winch at a high point on the shore will easily lift the dock out of the water. The cable system is recessed into the frame so that it is not visible when the dock is in use. The easy lowering and raising system saves tremendous costs in installation and removal and offers a complete independent setup that can be handled by one person. Towerless docks offer substantial savings over tower docks for their application.

These dock systems are available in a variety of widths and lengths from 4′ wide to 8′ wide and 14′ to a lengthy 28′ long.

All DockinaBox® Tower Dock Systems can be purchased with solid or vented Deckwave® decking options.

All pricing includes DeckWave® decking. Pipes, installation and shore work are extra. Tower winch and hardware kits available. Optional walkway available.

All DockinaBox® Tower Docks come with a 10 year warranty on the aluminum frame and 3 years on hardware. View our warranties here.

Note:  It is recommended to remove tower docks for the winter. Do not leave in ice. 

Tower & Towerless Docks

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