The Repeller 360 is made of stainless steel arms attached to a UV protected polycarbonate base. At the end of each “arm” attached to the top of the Repeller is a reflective “predator eye”. The spinning motion and reflective predator eye will work to scare birds and prevent them from landing in treated areas.
The Repeller 360 locks into place with a patent pending clip to prevent loss in high winds. It can be attached with a variety of bases available through DockinaBox®.

How it Works:

Two “sails” mounted at either ends of a 6′ stainless steel arm have reflective bird predator eye features and allow the unit to spin 360° to frighten birds and prevent them from landing in the treated area.

Ideal For: Signs, Boats, Streetlights, A.C. units, Docks, Swim platforms, Roofs, Chimney Caps, Skylights

Bird Spikes $52.95
360° Repeller - 6' Diameter$90.95
Bird Spider - 4' Diameter$90.95
Bird Spider - 6' Diameter$102.95
Bird Spider - 8' Diameter$114.95
Sand Bag Base$67.95
Plastic Red Tailed Hawk$33.95