Perfect for medium to large sized bodies of water up to 5 foot waves.

Accommodates boat sizes up to 40 feet.
Excellent for most commercial, marina or very rugged residential locations.

One of our most popular styles, the Super Duty Pipe Series dock, is built for ultimate strength and to survive large open bodies of water or for commercial use. Reliable in the harshest conditions and designed for mooring larger watercraft and cruisers; the Super Duty Pipe series goes where no other docks can. We used our patented technology and punishing tests to ensure our super duty docks are a better solution for large bodies of water, marinas and commercial use.

Note: It is recommended you remove pipe docks for the winter.
Do not leave in the ice.
Super Duty Pipe Series

Highlights include:

  • Super Duty frame
  • Additional lake bottom anchoring
  • Oversized footpads with turn down corners
  • DeckWave® decking
  • Available in 4ft, 6ft and 8ft widths

Exclusive Features:

  • Deep triple chambered side rail for super strength
  • 9 degree angled legs – the most stable legs available
  • Cantilevering legs allow you to position the legs in ideal location
  • Slide in decking panels will not blow out
  • 2″ traction strip on sides for added safety
  • 20″ adjustable legs offer more height
  • Special locking connectors add strength, rigidity and permit adding additional sections


Includes Frame and Decking

Self Standing
Includes Frame, Decking, 4 Leg Assemblies and Hardware

Add End
Includes Frame, Decking, 2 Leg Assemblies and Hardware

Add Side (L/R)
Includes Frame, Decking, 2 Leg Assemblies and Hardware

Add Back/Side (L/R)
Includes Frame, Decking, 1 Leg Assembly and Hardware

Pipe legs sold in 6″ increments – 2.375″ OD, 2″ schedule 40 or 2.375″ OD, 2″ Schedule 80. Pipe Length is determined by water depth and wave conditions in the area the dock is being installed. All DockinaBox® Pipe Docks come with a 10 year warranty on the aluminum frame and 3 years on hardware. View our warranties here.


Hold Down Kits

Keep your dock firmly planted to the lake bottom in rough conditions. Includes 245 lb. anchor, 6’ chain and hardware.

Vertical Sliding Bumpers

These exclusive bumpers protect your vessel & dock regardless of water level heights. Horizontal & vertical adjustability. Available in 30” or 42” lengths.

Designer Corner Bumpers

DockinaBox® exclusive design that protects your watercraft and swimmers as well. Our bumper covers top, side and bottom of the dock.

Telescopic Cross Brace

Optional telescopic cross braces add increased stability in deeper water conditions of 5 ft. or more.