Flip Up or Bolt Down Ladder

Made of ¼ ” aluminum tubing that is 25% thicker than most ladders on the market. We angled the sides by 15 degrees; making coming in and out of the water easier and safer…like walking up stairs! Also, we made sure the ladder rests against the side of the dock to reduce the ‘pry bar’ effect other ladders have which places all the force on the top deck boards instead of distributing some to the sides.

Next we turned our attention to the steps. We widened them, gave them an ergonomic curve and an anti-slip surface. As a result, we have been able to offer a very comfortable, strong and safe step. Still not satisfied, we finished each end of the step with our exclusive cast cap with countersunk fasteners. This adds even more strength and gives the ladder a clean, finished look. We were even able to reduce the number of fasteners by half and still have an extremely rigid frame!

Of course, we offer a superior quality anodized finish to keep the perfect ladder looking perfect for years to come. Lastly, we designed the ladder so you can select the way your ladder mounts to your dock – fixed, flip-off, or flip-up. If you change your mind, your ladder can change too!

Not sure what length?  Read our guide on How To Choose A Ladder.

Bolt Down Style

Bolt Down Style

Flip Off Style

Flip Off Style

SizeBolt DownFlip Off
3 step$415$470
4 step$445$500
5 step$470$530
6 step$495$560

Hardware Not Included: Please ask which hardware is needed for your situation. Add $75.00 for DockinaBox® Standard Duty or for a Heavy Duty Bracket System.

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