Perfect for small to medium sized bodies of water up to 3 foot waves.

Accommodates boat sizes up to 25 feet.
Excellent for most residential uses.

The 38 Special is part of the Standard Modular Duty Pipe Series and is the lightest of our dock series yet. Extremely cost effective and very manageable for seasonal removal.  The 38 Special is ideal for smaller bodies of water and is able to handle smaller water elements and conditions, like those in the Muskokas and Kawarthas.

The 38 Special comes in 3’ wide by 8’ long with DeckWave® decking, leg pockets and foot pads and is perfect for small lakes, rivers or ponds with up to 2’ waves. and most suitable for water depth less than 6’ and accommodates boats less than 20’ long.

Our DockinaBox® sections can be attached with our exclusive Locking Hinge design that allows for two dock sections to act as one, making for endless design options.

STD - Self-Standing - 38 Special
Note: It is recommended you remove pipe docks for the winter.
Do not leave in the ice.
38 Special - Customer Dock

Highlights include:

  • Very light frame
  • Good Stability
  • Available in 3ft, 4ft and 6ft widths
  • DeckWave® decking
  • Easy and Fast Installation

Exclusive Features:

  • Dual chambered side rails for increased strength and rigidity
  • 5 degree angled legs offering greater stability than straight legs
  • Slide in decking panels will not blow or pull out
  • 2″ traction strip on sides for increased safety
  • No protruding pipes for a cleaner look
  • Lake bottom anchoring adds to stability
  • 6″ adjustable legs for varying water depths
SizeRampSelf StandingAdd EndAdd SideAdd Back/Side (L/R)End CapWeights
3' x 8'$765$1,365$1,095$1,160$1,085$8085 lbs.
4' x 8'$1,070$1,670$1,400$1,465$1,390$8578 lbs.
4' x 10'$1,330$1,930$1,660$1,725$1,650$8578 lbs.
6' x 8'$1,545$2,145$1,875$1,940$1,855$9563 lbs.
6' x 10$1,805$2,405$2,135$2,200$2,125$9570 lbs.


Includes  Frame and Decking

Self Standing

Includes  Frame, Decking, 4 Leg Assemblies and Hardware

Add End

Includes  Frame, Decking, 2 Leg Assemblies and Hardware

Add Side (L/R)

Includes  Frame, Decking, 2 Leg Assemblies and Hardware

Add Back/Side (L/R)

Includes  Frame, Decking, 1 Leg Assembly and Hardware

Pipe legs sold in 6″ increments – 1.9″ OD, ½ schedule 40 = $7.50/ft. or 1.9″ OD Schedule 80 = $12.00/ft., Tri Rib = 12.00/ft. Leg Pipe Length is TBD by water depth and self standing/add-on section requirements. All DockinaBox® Pipe Docks come with a 10 year warranty on the aluminum frame and 3 years on hardware. View our warranties here.

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