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Welcome to DockinaBox®

“Catchy Name with a Welded Frame”

Our lightweight floating and fixed docks, lifts, ladders and accessories offer superior strength, durability and will withstand the elements year after year.  All of our systems are engineered and manufactured inhouse at the one and only DockinaBox® location where we work hard to develope the highest quality boat dock systems on the market.

When comparing your dock options, we promise that no other docks will match our design, features, quality or value!   Canada’s largest boat dock manufacturer and retailer for pipe docks, floating docks and accessories.

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Boat Docks

DockinaBox® has both pipe and floating docks available for all budgets, applications and environments.

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Boat Lifts

We have a huge inventory of Boat Lift and Personal Watercraft Lift options to chose from…all personally desinged, manufactured or sourced out of

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Ladders and Accessories

DockinaBox® has everything you need to compliment and protect
your dock system and boat.

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Installation and delivery services available. 

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DockinaBox® Exclusive Features:
DeckWave Technology®: low maintenance, non slip, never hot, wave pressure dispersion, highest fatigue resistance with fastenerless installation Multi Chambered Frame – increased load strength and rigidity for stability , comfort and safety Traction Safety Strip: Beveled radialised side rails with 13 groove strips over a 2″ distance ensuring safe ingress and egress Advanced Welding Technology – Structural integrity, reliable and repeatable consistancy with enhanced durability using CMT Technology Wider Docks: Typically 2 1/2″ wider and on average a 4% larger dock system Enhanced Decking Support: Six foot wide docks have 4 decking supports (14″ Centres) Modular Interconectivity: Limitless ability to change design layout whether it’s side-to-side, end-to-end or side to end. Double Braced Frame – located at hinge points it eliminates frame racking and flex delivering the longest life expectancy Floating Dock Exclusive Features: Advanced Float Design Criteria: 30lbs/sq.ft. buoyancy virtually eliminates corners from dipping and creates optimium ice lifting characteristics during the winter freeze Locking Hinges: Enables floating sections to become one rigid section utilized with our multichambered frames Pipe Dock Exclusive Features Patented Angled Legs: Stability, Strength and Safety, allows for use in deeper water applications Oversized Reinforced Footpad: Industry leading design allows pipe extension through footpad for more secure anchoring
Dock sections can be attached with our exclusive Locking Hinge design that allows for two dock sections to act as one, making for endless design options.